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Air Chiller for use in distilling

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Air chiller for cooling condenser water to your still.  The 16kW air chiller is suited to a 350L still or smaller with a maximum power input of about 14kW.  The price excludes shipping.

The chiller in the photo is the only one in stock, please email for enquiries and for shipping calculation.  Almost any size chiller can be made so please contact Hilton.

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Air Chillers are less commonly known or used in the distilling industry, but are really effective and use about 50 times less electricity. How did I get to that number? Well, a glycol chiller rated for 16kW would use 16kW and the air chiller uses 0.3kW.  The 16kW chiller is suited to a 300-350L still with distillation power input of around 14kW.

I have used the chiller in the photo twice for testing and this is what I found: the condensate water will be cooled to about 5 degrees higher than the air temperature.  I used it on a hot day with the air temperature at 35C and it cooled the water from almost 70C to 39.5C.  I have a two tank system, one tank is the cold tank, the other is the hot tank.  I pump water through the condenser from the cold tank, and the heated water is transferred to the hot tank.  With the air chiller you really only need one tank.  You will probably need a days gap between distillations in summer, but in winter you can distil 24/7 using the air chiller.

The chiller has a speed control SCR in case you want to slow it down.  The chiller unit is mounted on a stainless steel frame with wheels so you can move it around as necessary.

Here is another idea for an air chiller for use in distilling – use it in series with a glycol chiller if you already have one.  In one of my tests I was using 350L/hr of water and cooling it 30C.  This equates to 44.1 mega joules in an hour (3600 seconds) which is 12.25kW.  The air chiller uses 0.3kW so the net saving is 11.95kW.  If you run it for 8 hours that is 95.6kW.h and at 30c/kW.h that is $28.68 per distillation.  If you distil once a week that is almost $1500 per year saved on power costs.  So you reduce the load on your glycol chiller and save the energy your glycol chiller would have used.  Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Please note, the chiller must be located outside the hazardous area as the motors are not explosion proof.  For more information on hazardous areas please read my blogs – HAZARDOUS#1 and HAZARDOUS#2 .

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 70 cm


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