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It all started with wanting to make a copper still with a copper distillation column. I mean, the stainless steel products work but they just don’t have that character, nor do they have any chemical effect on the alcohol which copper does best in improving the taste.

Getting copper products is reasonably easy but for a modular system you need brass tri-clamp ferrules in order to solder to the copper. And so I embarked on a mission to find a supplier of brass tri-clamp ferrules and of course there was not one to be found in the whole of Australia. That was my tipping point, over I fell into a vat.

Once you’re in you have to make it work and I ended up having a bunch of brass tri-clamp ferrules custom made to suit 2″ and 4″ copper pipes and fittings. Of course, for the sight tee I needed a very special ferrule with a curved base and I made this one 3″.  Everything necessary for the distillation headgear, pot still and plated column versions.

In addition I have developed copper boilers from 50 litres to 175 litres and can custom make almost any size in between.  The copper boilers come with a lot of features, 2 heating element ports on the bigger ones, side or bottom drain ports, 4″ sight glass port, 2″ pouring port, 4″ column connection, 2 x thermowells in the liquid and in the vapour, and your own uniquire serial number.

The basic column design is 4″ and at the top of the column it reduces to 2″.  The column will fit on any boiler with a 4″ or 100mm ferrule, and with a 4″x2″ reducer it will fit on any 2″ or 50mm ferrule.

There are a lot of loose fittings that are needed like clamps and gaskets and I carry these in stock. I have also developed some additional products to ensure I can supply everthing necessary to operate a still efficiently – heating elements, power controller to vary the vapour production from the boiler, temperature guages that screw into the thermowells, needle valves for water flow control through the condensers.  Not all the items I supply are on this website as I focus on customisations, so feel free to ask what I have because if you can’t find it anywhere, I may just have it.

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