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copper boiler, copper still, whisky still, distillation

Whisky still for NSW customer

Many people are getting on the micro and nano distillery bandwagon and using a copper still.  I think this is a great way to add style and creativity to a market long dominated by boring corporates.  I have found that my business is growing with the new startups because I will discuss and customise a copper still with potential clients and manufacture a product that suits their requirements exactly.

There are a few limitations: I can make up to 175 litre boilers and columns that are 4″ diameter.  I am working on R&D for larger boilers and columns, but a lot of alcohol can be produced from my stills, enough to make a living on, so I am not going too big too quick.  I want to serve my customers in a personal way and ensure they live the dream and create their unique product.

If you know what you are looking for and can draw a sketch, I’ll make it. Otherwise we can work together to design what you need and I’ll put together a proposal for your copper still with an itemised spreadsheet so you can see all the elements and the price of each element – copper boiler, pot still belly, swan neck, bubble tees, bubble/seive plates, dephlegmator, bend, condenser, parrot, gin basket – all in copper and all polished beautifully.

If you require a licence from the ATO you’ll need a proforma invoice and I have clients who have received their licences with my invoices.

Shipping a copper still around Australia is not as expensive as you might expect and to give you an idea it will cost between AU$250 and $450 to ship from Perth to the east coast depending on the size you purchase.  This includes the box that I make to hold all the bits and bobs.

copper boiler, copper still, whisky still, distillation, copper condenser, condenser, copper dephlegmator, dephlegmator

Running a dephlegmator hot

copper boiler, copper still, whisky still, distillation

Copper boiler with serial number

gin still, boiler, alcohol, ethanol, juniper, distillation column

175L boiler at Mount Compass

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