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After many shining moons of labour,
research and development here in Perth, Australia...

I now bring you my exclusive range of products for 4 inch copper distillation equipment including Chester the copper still boiler, Claudia the pot still belly, distilation columns, dephlegmators, condensers, parrots, bends and reducers.

You can make almost any type of copper still with this equipment. I trust you will get as much joy out of the products as I got producing them.

Custom Copper Stills Made to Order

It usually turns out that once you get into distilling you start to create a unique style that is you. Pots still style, distillation trays (bubble or sieve plates), boiler type and size and material, the list goes on.

While I have a number of products that I make in a regular way, I recognise the need to customise and it is part of what this business is all about – giving people the opportunity to be themselves and enjoy what they do.

Featured Copper Stills & Components

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