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Phillippe Rephlux – the reflux column

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The re-innovated reflux column, Phillippe Rephlux is a gorgeous, copper, polished distillation column that comes plug and play.  All the pieces you need are included – valves for water and alcohol flow control, condensers, silicone tubing, thermometer and bung, pall rings for packing, gaskets and clamps.  On its own you make vodka, whisky, rum, and that just for starters.  It can be modified with other HHH products to produce gin or just run a liquid infusion distillation with botanicals in your boiler.


One of the most popular types of reflux column and based on the Boka style but re-innovated in typical HHH style, Phillippe Rephlux sets a new standard.  Away with the angle plates and in with the sophistication of laser-cut disk inserts with vapour dispersion and liquid seals built in.

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Liquid management in the HHH reflux column

Made with the now familiar modular system, the reflux colum consists of 4 pieces that clamp together with triclamps and are sealed with silicone gaskets.  Made predominantly in copper with brass ferrules, the unit is polished to the point that it takes on an ornamental status.

First there is the 1m long column filled with stainless steel Pall Rings that are an advancement on raschig rings and have better mass transfer characteristics as a result of their increased surface area.  The top of the column has a thermometer port and we’ve taken the pain fo finding a suitable thermometer away from you.  Nay, we’ve done better; we’ve had a cusomised thermometer made with a short probe, an adjustable face and a rubber bung that fits snuggly over the 1/4″ access port.

The liquid management module (LMM) comes next and its features are described in the adjacent drawing.  Vapour condenses on the coil above and drops back into the LMM and is allowed to build up and overflow back into the reflux column.  As it runs down the pall rings it comes in contact with rising vapour and a transfer takes place with the lighter and more pure ethanol components being drawn out, and the heavier components transferring into the liquid.  The reflux rate is determined by the flow that you allow out of the LMM and this is controlled with a brass needle valve.

Above the LMM is the vertical sight glass made from finely polished stainless steel and glass, it houses the final component, the condenser coil.  These coils are made specifically for Phillippe Rephlux and attached to a brass and copper cap that is snuggly clamped on the sight glass.  You can watch science in action as the vapour condenses and drops back.

The system comes with a 1/2″ needle valve for water flow control (which has a standard brass quick connect garden hose fitting), a liebig condenser for the alcohol, 1/4″ silicone tube to connect the 1/2″ needle valve to the liebig, to the coil to the hot outflow.  It is basically plug and play, just connect your hose.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 30 cm


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