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Gin Basket

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A 4″ gin basket unique to HHH Distill.  Carter head syle with an important difference – guaranteed vapour contact with your botanicals, even if you only have it 10% full. It does not exist anywhere except at HH Distill. Yes, it is more expensive, but there is no price on consistency and flexibility.  This unit is the best in its class.

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The new improved gin basket, for those who want and offset carter head basket.  The differencec with this one is that the vapour flows through the botanicals directly; it has no other path it can follow.  How has this been achieved? Other gin baskets rely on inicidnetal contact by putting the botanicals in a vapour chamber, but the vapour can flow around the sides and out the chamber. With this design the vapour is directed from the bottom of the internal basket to the top, there is  not other way.  Vapour exits through the lid.  And by a design ‘trick’ the lid can still be removed and the basket changed during a distillation.  It has all the advantages of an in-line gin basket and a carter head at the same time.  There is no other basket like it as this design is unique to HHH Distill.

It is not easy to make, lots more parts, but the proof is in the gin. What proof is your gin? That’s up to you ?



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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm


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