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Introducing Chester – the Copper Boiler

Finally he is on his way, not quite here but Chester, the friendly copper boiler, is getting dressed to kill.  Here in Australia it is…

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Gin Basket, Copper Gin Basket, Sight Glass, Brass Tri-clamp Ferrule, Still Column, Copper Still, Gin Distillation, Copper Bend, Copper Elbow, Carter Head, Gin Botanicals

Introducing the New Copper Gin Basket

It has been a week of product development and the new copper gin basket is in production. There was the decision to be made as…

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Copper Distillation Components

Copper Distillation Column – let’s get started!

I have finally done it. Well sort of.  I have created a bunch of copper and brass distillation products to make a cool copper distillation…

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