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Coming soon – transfer pump

There I was, 12 months ago thinking I was only going to manufacture and sell plated columns, nothing else, let alone transfer pumps.  Now HHH does boilers, heating elements, power controllers, whisky headgear, still trolleys, charcoal filters, not to mention all the innovations built into the headgear.

And now, coming soon is the dynamite transfer pump, the HT-60S.  With copper wound motor (it’s better than the cheap aluminium wound motors), st

pump, self priming, transfer pump, recycle pump

Self priming pump

ainless steel impeller housing, this little bugga is extremely versatile.  At 370W this pump can deliver up to 32 litres per minute and up to 35 mters head (remember that the higher the flow the lower the head).

I have always looked at how to make own operation more efficient and figured if it works for me, it will work for others.  Being a civil engineer I have always loved pumps and selected this little guy for the boutique distiller.  It will be very useful for pumping water into the fermentation tanks, wash into the boiler, spent wash to the waste tank, and recycling water for the condensers.

Watch this space for more information including a great price…

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