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Nano and micro gin distillers are taking off

It gives me great joy to see so many people enthusiastic about making gin.  I’ve had numerous enquiries about my stills from people wanting to make gin on a small scale.  Smaller than micro I’d say and probably in the nano range as one potential customer described it.

Don’t think there is no money to made in being small.  By my calculations, if you buy in your ethanol, you can turn over more than AU$500k per annum with Chester the 120L boiler and all the headgear that goes with gin.  And you could do more if you worked a little longer every day, added higher power heating elements, used a bigger boiler. It is not a product on the website, but I also make Bomber, the 175L boiler, the only one in its range in copper in Australia.  Contact me for a quote to suit your requirments.

I have heaitng elements too, 5kW for the big boilers and ports to put 2 of them in.  I’m innovating all the time and even I can’t keep up with the products that I’m designing to make distillation better and easier, with more control.  Have a look at the photo to see the still trolley, with a central hole that facilitates a bottom drain and wheels so you put your still wherever you want, whenever you want. Still to come are needle valves for best water flow control through your condensers, temperature guages with adjustable dials to get the best sight angle on any part of the equipment.  Just contact me for your special requirements as I’ll probably have a plan.  I’ll build your custom still for your success.

My favourite innovation, hot off the press, is a means to repurpose Claudia the pot still belly into a gin basket. The trouble with standard baskets is that they don’t hold enough botanicals.  With the new adapter you can hold over 8 litres of juniper, corriander and all your other botanicals and flavour 50 litres of pure spirit in one go. That’s about 150 bottles of gin in one distillation. No stopping to change out baskets, just boil and boil and boil. Then sell.

gin basket, gin, juniper

Convert Claudia the pot still belly into a gin basket with this adapter

gin, juniper, gin basket

Pot still belly converted to a gin basket with HUGE capacity

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