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Introducing the New Copper Gin Basket

It has been a week of product development and the new copper gin basket is in production. There was the decision to be made as to whether it should be an in-line or offset basket and I opted for simplicity, the in-line variety. Simpler to make (which reduces the cost), simpler to operate (no liquid build up in the gin tee, it all drops back into the column), and it looks great.  Due to the in-line design, there is no danger of liquid buildup and submerged botanicals leading to eratic flavour profiles.

In addition to the copper gin tee, the inside basket will be copper with 1.6mm holes creating a 10% open area.  This is just like the commercial gin baskets but on a smaller scale.

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Gin basket copper 4″

There are two ways to operate this gin basket, the first being the conventional one at the top of a 2″ pot still column.  All that is needed is a copper 4″x2″ reducer to connect the two.  You can control your vapour flow with either an element controller that regulates the heating power, or with a 2″ copper dephlegmator (wait for it, it’s coming soon too).

Changeout of the botanicals is easy as pie with the cap on the gin tee being easily accessible and quick to remove and replace.  The gin basket will sit on the brass ferrule just the same way a seive plate sits on it, and don’t forget the unique HHH Distill recessed brass ferrule to ensure the basket sits flush with the top of the ferrule and centred.  No interference with the tri-clamp gasket.  The basket therefore hangs in the gin tee and does not require a stool like many of the offset gin tees around.

With an all copper gin tee and gin basket the heat conductance will be superior ensuring great vapour flows through the botanicals and consistent light flavours.  For more robust flavours it easy; just macerate some botanicals and soak in the base alcohol for 24-48 hours prior to distillation. The options are endless and fun lasts forever.

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